TIFF Open is an open festival competition dedicated to photographers and creators using the medium of photography. This year more than 250 people and collectives came to participate, mainly from Poland, but also from abroad. Some have submitted more than one project. The jury consisting of: Maciej Bujko, Daniel Filipek, Agata Grzych, Mariusz Jodko and Krzysztof Pacholak chose 4 winners: Madjare KristineKarolina WojtasKatarzyna WojtasPatrycja WojtasEach of the winners will be assigned a curator who will start cooperation in order to prepare the highlighted projects in the form of an exhibition in one of the Wrocław spaces (Arttrakt Gallery, Entropia Gallery, Tętno Gallery and Galeria u Agatki).

In addition, the jury chose 14 projects that will be shown in the form of a slideshow during the Festival: Agata Awruk, Martyna Banach, Tatsuya Furuno, Paweł Jaśkiewicz, Aleksandra Korzonek, Camille Leveque, Natalia Mikołajczuk, Anastasiia Nekypila, Krzysztof Sienkiewicz, Dorota Stolarska, Elena Subach & Wieczyslaw Poliakow, Masha Svyatogor, Anna Zagrodzka, Katarzyna Zolich & Katarzyna Legendz

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