Patrycja Wojtas: All That Is Solid Melts into Air

exhibition in the frame of  TIFF Open competition


Arttrakt Gallery
Ofiar Oświęcimskich 1/1 Street, Wrocław

In her latest project, Patrycja Wojtas employs landscape to tell a story of complicated relationships between humanity and nature.

The difficult connection is carefully explored by the photographer from a perspective of passing, based on a category inherent to the medium memory. A complex process of disappearance of several polish villages once rural areas, later industrialised and heavy transformed, now slowly reclaimed by nature becomes a starting point of the story. By capturing visible marks in the landscape the author comes back to the bygone days and decodes the palimpsest. Using memories and archive photos of the former inhabitants helps her to follow the traces of the elapsed events and hear an echo of the past. One may say the winner of this year’s TIFF Open competition becomes an archeologist of both memory and landscape.

The artist’s praxis is not only an attempt of preserving irretrievably disappearing chips of the foregone events says the curator, Daniel Filipek. The photographer visually examines not only the past and present, but also considers the future. The project could be interpreted as a vision of “the world without us” and a reminder how fragile is the future of the civilisation, or even the human species, especially in the context of the contemporary era dominated by our activity. Therefore, the project refers to the ecological humanities and questions the anthropocentric paradigm. Moreover, it forces us to redefine the importance of humankind, in the whole history of our planet adds the curator. As one day all that is solid, will melt into air.

curator: Daniel Filipek