About TIFF Festival

TIFF Festival took place for the first time in 2011. Created in Wrocław, since its inception it has been devoted to photography. The festival’s goal is to stimulate and enliven photographic life in both the city and the region, and it has been gaining in power every year. TIFF doesn’t just influence its original city, but its impact spreads throughout Poland, and even further, to become an international event. The idea of experiencing and getting deeper into photography is constantly on our minds. We perceive photography as
a medium existing in various contexts and roles – starting at amateur photography, through symbolic messages, ending at conceptual records. We want to see photography inseparable from the world of art, and we refuse to conceal it to inflexible borders of the medium. That’s why every year our team works on a completely new theme, consisting of four constant parts.

Main Program presents thematic exhibitions connected by a central narrative thread. Publications, always an exceptional event, are concerned with photo-books. ProfiLab TIFF Open is a section open to new, outside ideas, which, guided by our curators, are going to be presented in selected exhibition spaces. Finally, there is HUB, complementing the TIFF Festival formula, as it is an open platform for meetings and talks, where the border between an artist and a curator is blurred. There you can share experiences, get inspired, and last, but not least, meet new people. TIFF Festival is an open event encouraging forming new relationships and enabling conversation without artificial obstacles.

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