Rivers & Roads

Traveling and mobility. Emigration, Immigration, imagined journeys, rivers and roads. All the places we go to, those we dream of, or those we have to leave. But also the ones where we run to hide. Today’s world is not constantly attached to one habitat, as moving around has become a mass phenomenon. Because of that, far away destinations that had once been possible to see only on photographs, today have become available to everyone. Usually, after completing a journey, which has often become a goal unto itself.  

These issues are the theme of 6th edition of TIFF Festival, with the title“Rivers and Roads.”

Main Program exhibitions have been divided into three topics, focusing on observation of photographers’ new realities (“Immigration/Emigration”), dedicated to trips to unreal realities through the medium of photography (“Imagined Journeys”) and “On the Roads”, a series of new projects conceived and realized during trips inspired by TIFF Festival.

Maciej Bujko
Artistic Director