Territorium Novum

Collective exhibition of students and graduate of University of Arts in Poznań | Curators: Andrzej Florkowski, Anna Kędziora

Territorium Novum authors explore areas with special status. They freely
move between the borders of contexts and medium. They delve deep into
images, stick to its surface, cross borders of reality and representation,
re-evaluate copies and originals, do the mapping, hunting, registering
and redefinition. They are privileged individuals who introduce their own
new “laws”, ways of seeing, and methods of illustrating on
newly formed territories.

Migrations are inextricably connected with annexation, with entering new territories, going into new contexts. They assume confrontation with a place, but also its transformation. Since its inception, photography as a medium has been closely connected with literal and symbolic annexation of new territories. It served as a cognitive, registering instrument, but also a redefining one. Often, it became a tool of colonization, and a photographer was the only witness of silent appropriation. What was seen, named and photographed, radically changed its status.


Magdalena Andrynowska
Katarzyna Bojko-Szymczewska
Joanna Chwiłkowska
Anna Cywińska
Justyna Dryl
Jędrzej Filuś
Aurelia Frydrych-Zdanowska
Michalina Hendrys
Katarzyna Hoffmann
Ewelina Kamińska
Ewa Kasperek
Violetta Łuba
Bartosz Partyka
Bartłomiej Ponikiewski
Oliwia Rogalska
Piotr Szapel
Paweł Wawrzyniak
Izabela Wasiak
Katarzyna Wąsowska
Weronika Wronecka

Collective exhibition of students and graduate of Art University in Poznan
Territorium Novum
Curators: Andrzej Florkowski, Anna Kędziora
1 – 11 September 2016
ART MAIN STATION by mia (in Wrocław Main Railway Station)
105 Piłsudskiego Street, Wroclaw

Exhibition Co-organizer: University of Arts in Poznań, Department of Photography

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