On the road

Hot, summer night in 1957. New York. During a party two exceptional artists meet. Jack Kerouac and Robert Frank sit on a sidewalk togeter. Frank shows Kerouac his photographs that he has taken while traveling USA for two years and asks whether Kerouac could write something.
The answer is: “Of course, I can write something about these photos”. That’s how the introduction to “The Americans” book is created and whose author wrote “On the Road” a couple of years before that.

“On the Road” is a unique part of Main Program, consisting of a few photography projects authored by artists invited to TIFF Festival. A group of photographers is going to embark on a titular “road”, to take photos of people, listen to their stories, stage things, move their artistic tactics. 4 special journeys:
to Japan (Łukasz Rusznica, Jon Cazenave), by a car (Łukasz Filak, Aleksandra Gach, Alicja Kielan, Anna Orlowska), by a van around Lower Silesia (Agnieszka Pajączkowska – Wędrowny Zakład Fotogragiczny) and the final Silesian journey you can participate in (traveling workshops with PHOTOSPHERE collective).