On the road


curators: Bartek Talaga, Piotr Zbierski | artists: Kamila Buturla, Paweł Giza, Katarzyna Maluga, Krzysztof Światły

Workshops of PHOTOSPHERE Collective are an intensive photographic journey
to the center of oneself, during which we will try to answer your questions
about the development of your artistic way. We are interested in your
individual approach to photography. The focus is on use of various means
to create works which will be authentic and personal.

Presentation “On the Road” is a result of workshop trip and summer work of participants. Experiencing journey, its elusiveness and unpredictability led us to places which inspired further work. Series presented by participants are spontaneous attempts to find their own voice. Discovering new areas and exploration cause freshness and separation from what had been done before many times. Energy, dynamism and distance of over 2000km leads us to a formal experiment, taking shape of the exhibition focused on challenging oneself. We used various methods to create works of authentic, personal voices. Four varied personalities. Four young artists are going to present fresh tracks gathered on the path of Rivers and Roads.

Kamila Buturla, Paweł Giza, Katarzyna Maluga, Krzysztof Światły
On the Road with Photosphere Collective
Curators:  Piotr Zbierski i Bartek Talaga
1 – 11 September 2016
Amazons “Femina-Fenix” Association
46a Ruska Street, II floor, Wroclaw

About exhibition (PDF)