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Photobooks’ impact on the medium of photosgraphy - PANEL DISCUSSION


For several years we are witnessing an explosion of new photographic
publications. Photobooks are no longer published only by publishing
houses, galleries and organisations on the occasion of exhibitions,
retrospectives, anniversaries or competitions. Very often they are released
by the artists themselves - at their own expense, with the photographers
not only the authors of the photographs, but also editors accompanying
and supervising the process of creation of the publication in all its aspects
and at each stage.

Invited guests will discuss the photobooks’ impact on the development of and thinking about photography. We will consider what currently makes this form of presentation highly appreciated by photographers, curators and the art market. Is it a temporary fashion? Is the boom in photobooks affecting the medium of photography itself, its reception, circulation and foremost photographers’ thinking about this way of expression?


Agnieszka Dwernicka – director, Krakow Photomonth Festiwal

Franek Ammer – photographer, curator of publications section at TIFF Festival and Fotofestiwal Łódź

Michał Korta – photographer, photography lecturer

The Panel discussion will be moderated by: Dobromiła Błaszczyk – editor in chief, Contemporary Lynx Magazine


2 Septmeber 2016, h. 15:00
Festival Center
46 Ruska Street (backyard), Wrocław

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