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ZINES OF THE WORLD / photography edition

Doomed Gallery

Doomed Gallery presents: ZINES OF THE WORLD / photography edition

Self-publishing and DIY culture have developed as never before. Taking that into
consideration, Doomed Gallery decided to present a world exhibition of
photography zines. That led to creation of an exhibition platform and a
meeting place for photographers who wanted to show their photographs
as zines in places where audiences could not see them before.

Open recruitment is aimed at zines creators all over the world. The first part of the exhibition, presenting over 350 publications took place in July 2015 in Doomed Gallery in London. The upcoming edition of ZINES OF THE WORLD will happen during TIFF Festival in Wrocław. Recruitment is aimed at Polish photographers, who will have a chance to share their zines and include them into the traveling exhibition.

Doomed Gallery is an exhibition space devoted to photography and visual arts. It is situated in Dalston, a London district, and collaborates with students, local collectives, professional photographers and visual artists. In 2014 Doomed started an independent publishing house supporting self-publishing and zines community. Since 2011 Doomed has exhibited works of over 300 photographers.

1 – 11 September 2016
BARBARA: information point / café / culture
8c Świdnicka Street, Wrocław

About exhibition (PDF)