Everyone has their own way of travelling. Some people prefer spontaneity, others careful planning. Sometimes we realy on choices made by others and occassionally we buy a travel guide just befre a flight.
PreTIFF is invites those who want to try TIFF before the festival itself.  Program: Cinema on the Road, starts of exhibitions presenting the Main Program, ProfiLab TIFF Open and Publications Section.
Welcome to preTIFF!



28/07/2016: Cinema on the Road
20:30-22:00 /backyard on Rydygiera 43
Movie: Dziennik z podróży, director: Piotr Stasik
Guest: Piotr Stasik


Oiko Petersen Ukryte
h. 19:00 / Gallery Miejsce Przy Miejscu, pl. Strzelecki 12
Curator: Łukasz Rusznica
18.06 – 16.09. 2016

Rebekka Deubner White Thrash (ProfiLab TIFF OPEN – Audience Award)
h. 21:00 / Ur, ul. Kotlarska 43
+after party

Meet the publisher
godz. 19:00 / Gallery Dizajn BWA Wrocław, ul. Świdnicka 2-4
Curator: Paweł Kowalski | Cooperation: Katarzyna Roj
24.08 – 02.10. 2016