curator: łukasz rusznica | ARTIST: Oiko Petersen

After a five year absence Oiko Petersen comes back on an artistic
scene with a new exhibition. Significant, intimate stories are presented in
Wrocław, his city of origin. 7 photographs, one object - a diary (works
from 2013-2016) and two new books Hiddensee (2013) and Hidden (2016)
can be seen in gallery Miejsce przy Miejscu as part of TIFF Festival.

A box hidden in a box with another box inside. Ready. You’re passing by: physiotherapy, psychotherapy. They’re everywhere in this neighborhood. It might be January or February, although the weather is unlike winter. A train station and a train – you do not need to remember more, apart from dry grass and an early afternoon Later: a town, right turn, a street, a park with a lake (to take the first photograph), a school, Deutsche Bank, shortcut to the left, a harbor, covered stands with Fischbrotchen (remember the taste from summer), ticket offices, a bus, a harbor. On the shore everything looks the same from the right distance. Small, incredibly expensive houses near the harbor. Before the ferry gets there it will be completely dark. Have you ever been there?


If the goal of the viewer is to understand the author, one needs to believe that an image can replace a map, and an allusion – a descrpition. You can’t take anything else.


Oiko Petersen
Curator: Łukasz Rusznica
18 August – 16 September 2016
Miejsce przy Miejscu Gallery
Strzelecki Square 12, Wrocław

About exhibition (PDF)