Cinema on the road

Cinema on the road and TIFF Festival are presenting a peek of what will come in September.
As part of preTIFF program a screening will take place, presenting “Dziennik z podróży”
[trans. A Diary of a Journey] directer by Piotr Stasik. Besides a meeting with the film’s author,
the audience will have a chance to learn what is planned for the festival and relax in good
company and pleasant atmosphere.

Cinema on the road is a project which combines the passion to film and travelling. Using a mobile cinema, installed on an off-road car, we are going to organize a series of screenings in selected open air spaces, and events where we are invited as guests. The culmination of the project is a trip from Istambul to Sakhalin, with tens on local screenings planned, open to everyone who wants to be there. More info about the project: HERE

About the film:

The relationship between Tadeusz Rolke, a venerable master of Polish photography and 15-year old Michał is not just a master-student relationship. Together they travel around Poland to portray citizens of small towns. A dark-room installed in their camper enables them to develop photographs instantly and gift them to their accidental models. For the boy it’s the perfect opportunity to learn about traditional photography. For both of them – a chance for a beautiful friendship.

Piotr Stasik – born in 1976. A graduate of Social Sciences at University of Warsaw, and Documentary Programme at Andrzej Wajda Master School of Directing. A leader of Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” which promotes culture in small towns. “Po kolei” [One by One] (7min., 2005) is is documentary debut. He completed festival winning documentaries:”7xMoscow” (as part of a program “Polska-Rosja. Nowe spojrzenie” [Poland-Russia. A New Perspective]), “Koniec lata” [The End of Summer], “Dziennik z podróży”.

Trailer: LINK

Cinema on the road – “Dziennik z podróży”, dir. Piotr Stasik
28th July 2016, 8.30p.m.
courtyard at Rydygiera 43
Guests: Piotr Stasik

The event is organized in collaboration with Wrocław’s Regeneration and  JOHN-LEMON POLSKA

About exhibition (PDF)