About TIFF Festival

The TIFF Festival was held in 2011 for the first time. It was created in Wrocław and has been fully dedicated to photography since then. Its main goal is to animate and stimulate the photographic life in the city and region, for that reason it is also gaining strength from year to year.

TIFF does not only affect its home town but also the whole of Poland, meanwhile developing the international dimension of the event. We are constantly exploring and experiencing photography all over again. We perceive it as a medium existing in various contexts and taking on various functions – from amateur activities, symbolic messages, to conceptual sketches. We want to consider photography as inextricably bound up with the whole world of art, and we oppose closing it within the rigid limits of the medium. That is why every year, our team develops a completely new thematic formula, which consists of three fixed parts.

Exhibitions of the “Main Programme” refer to photographs that came to Wroclaw after 1945 (“Relocated”), ideas that have not yet been realized (“Blocked”) and urban space understood as material for creation (“Recognized”).

Holy-Art TIFF Open +” consists of four projects carried out by young artists selected on the basis of the open call.

TIFF Actions” is a series of activities based on the assumption that our exhibitions are not only a starting point for broader considerations but are also a resource that can be used by festival audiences.

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