What to do when financial resources are limited?

Being festival organisers, we work in conditions similar to those in which artists usually create: without a fixed remuneration, without insurance, without stabilization. What we have are ideas, networks of contacts, experiences gained during years of work, but also the ability to perceive reality as material that can be processed. But how can we obtain professional photograph prints, frames, display spaces, advertising media, time for work, means of support, motivation, or commuting funds?

We made a decision to make do with the conditions we have.

We chose resources as the topic of this year’s edition of the Festival. We found what we needed in the networks of contacts, public institutions, urban spaces, warehouses, private collections, when establishing partnerships and barters.


Main Programme exhibitions feature photographs that made their way to Wrocław after 1945 (relocated resources), ideas that have not yet been executed (blocked resources), and urban spaces understood as material for creation (recognized resources).

Holy-Art TIFF Open+ consists of four projects executed by young artists chosen by way of open selection.

TIFF Actions is a series of activities based on the assumption that our exhibitions are not only a starting point to broader considerations, but also a resource that can be used by festival audiences.


We invite you to the 7th edition of the TIFF Festival: 7 – 17 September 2017 in Wrocław.

Programme Board of the TIFF Festival:

Franciszek Ammer
Maciej Bujko
Paweł Kowalski
Krzysztof Pacholak
Agnieszka Pajączkowska
Łukasz Rusznica