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Krzysztof Solarewicz | I put the black cat to sleep

My grandfather repeatedly told me a Russian fairy tale in which the world changed after saying a magical formula: By the pike’s wish, at my command. The wood itself was gathering, the sleighs hurled themselves through the forest, and the beautiful daughter of the tsar immediately fell in love with a poor hero. The fairy tale never ended, even though it had a beginning and a happy ending, it was renewed every night. Just as my dream of fulfilling my wishes was renewed, it was enough to be lucky and come across the magic fish. I was sure I was right.


One could say that the story of Krzysztof Solarewicz is a photographic record of his life. There are moments that show his life from a very intimate perspective: there is voyeurism in it but on the other hand a feeling of “shamelessness”. Sometimes it is hard not to feel a moment of embarrassment, we enter someone’s life, look under the table, dive into the private space of garden. However, a look for a literal self-portrait — even if it is a very autobiographical exhibition — misses the point. All these people, women and men, children and elders, all these landscapes, animals and kitchen’s still life are the most literal image of the photographer, but also of someone else. Me, you, others. We watch it as we would analyze an old painting in which each passage has another metaphor and symbol, intruding into the inside of the viewer. We look at these photos and project our emotions upon them. We put our own experiences, memories, fantasies, and fears. We make a full circle: the personal story of the photographer becomes a universal story to become a private story again.

text: Beata Bartecka
Krzysztof Solarewicz (b. 1979) – photographer. He is the author of books; Przedostatni Stan skupienia, Kieszonkowy atlas Zwierząt, Poród (featured in the final of Photographic Publication of the Year 2017 at Fotofestiwal 2017). His works were presented both in solo and group exhibitions. Closely related to Creative Arts Centre in Wroclaw. He has one wife and two sons.

curator: Beata Bartecka

Vernissage: 25.08.2017, 7 pm
Galeria Miejsce przy Miejscu
Plac Strzelecki 14 | Wrocław

16.09.2017, SATURDAY
7:00 p.m. – 8 p.m. Artist walk through Krzysztof Solarewicz’s “I put to sleep the black cat” exhibition / Miejsce przy Miejscu, 14 Strzelecki Sq

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