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Singleton pregnancy, alive. Embryo, fetus, threatened miscarriage. Bean, small butterfly with tickling wings, baby, human. Your heart beats so hard that I felt it in my throbbing temples. You dug at night when I fought for every minute of sleep. Then a fight for your first breath and cry. You were no longer part of me. You were yourself. You are yourself.

Urszula Śleszyńska 


“Prologue” is a story of fear, hope and family. About the crisis experience of pregnancy and parenthood. About how an Inability to communicate can lead two people away from each other. It is a story about how to be together when the common goal is to bear, give birth and raise a child.
This is the story of victory.

Kamil Śleszyński (1982) – former postman, Bulgarian forklift operator and self-taught photographer. His interest in photography lies in broadly defined documentary photography. He lives and works in Bialystok. His photos were published, among others, in the British Journal of Photography, Dienacht Magazine, Prison Photography, Positive Magazine www.kamilsleszynski.com

Artistic care: Agnieszka Pajączkowska, Krzysztof Pacholak

Tętno Gallery
ul. Jatki 12-13 | Wrocław

9.09.2017, SATURDAY

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Meeting with artist Kamil Śleszyński “Prologue”: Holy-Art TIFF Open+ / Surowiec, 46a Ruska St.

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