Frequently asked questions about the TIFF Open competition


Who can take part in the competition?
Every person over the age of 18 may take part in the competition, with the exception of the members of the TIFF Collective Foundation and employees of companies cooperating with the Foundation. There are no limitations resulting from previous artistic or professional achievements.

Does participation in the competition involve any payment?
Entry is free of charge.

How should the preamble of the rules be treated?

The preamble indicates that this year’s theme of the TIFF Open is “Reverie – Picture Pleasures.” Works submitted for the competition have an imposed theme, so we are looking forward to projects and series that relate to next year’s theme of the Biennale – both by the formula and the subject matter of the works. The jury will evaluate the projects as a whole, focusing on both the artistic value, quality and originality of the project.

What happens if I send fewer pictures than the rules do?
The properly filled entry form decides about qualifying the photos for the competition. If one author submits less than 3 photos, the TIFF Open coordinator will contact him/her and ask for sending photos based on the form’s data. If the author does not want to do this or will not contact us until the first jury session the application will be disqualified.

What happens if I send more than two cycles, as the rules do?
The properly filled entry form decides about qualifying the photos for the competition. If one author reports more than 2 cycles, the TIFF Open coordinator will contact him/her using the form data and ask him/her to choose a specific 2 cycles that will be considered as a notification. If the author does not want to do this or will not contact us until the first jury meeting all entries will be disqualified.

What should contain a description for the cycle?
In the field “Description” in the entry form, you should provide a description of the project with a minimum of 500 characters including spaces and a maximum of 1000 characters with spaces. One can describe the general assumptions of the project, its message, meaning, and the way it was created.

Can I send an entry form by fax or post?
No. We only accept entry forms filled in electronically and sent via the website www.tiff.wroc.pl.

My ZIP file is more than 15MB, can I send graphic materials by mail or e-mail?
No, we only accept entries sent via the on-line form, and one application may have a max. 15 MB.

How can I check if my form has been correctly reported?
Each participant of the competition after submitting the entry form will receive confirmation of acceptance by e-mail. Otherwise, please contact: open@tiff.wroc.pl.

Do I have to fill out all fields of the form when submitting, or can I edit the content of the application on the platform at a later time?
The entry form should be filled in completely at the time of sending. It is not possible to edit the content after sending it.

I missed the deadline for accepting applications. Can I still take part in the competition?
Unfortunately, we do not accept applications after the deadline. Please send your applications before the deadline.


What is the procedure for selecting the finalists of the competition?
The selection procedure is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the contest coordinator checks the correctness of entry forms for formal reasons (number of photos, number of cycles, size of photos, project descriptions, contact details). In the case of irregularities, the coordinator will contact the author based on the data from the form and ask for any additions or changes to the submitted project. If the author does not want to do this or will not contact him until the first jury meeting his entries will be disqualified. The second stage is the jury meeting, which will take place until December 20, 2022, during which all eligible applications will be evaluated. The jury will select 3 entries, which will be shown at the Biennal in the form of exhibitions and up to 10 entries, which will be shown in the slideshow form.

Who will evaluate the work? What is the composition of the jury?
The competition is resolved by a variety of interests in the jury’s interests and preferences, the composition of which varies from year to year. This year, the jury consists of:

  • Max Radawski – photographer, visual artist, freelance curator;
  • Ewa Budnik – photographer, visual artist, board member of TIFF Collective Foundation;
  • Monika Muszyńska – producer, art historian, head of production BWA Wrocław;

Will all jurors see my application?
Yes, each member of the jury will have access to all qualified applications, which will then be discussed at the jury meeting.

How will the winners be informed about the winnings?
Each laureate will receive an e-mail from us. In addition, the winners whose designs will be shown in the form of an exhibition will be contacted by exhibition curators, while the project coordinator will contact the winners whose projects will be shown in slideshowing form.


Where will the works of selected 3 winners be shown?
Each of the 3 winners will be assigned ta curator and a designated place, which will be the Gallery at Agatka’s, the Exhibition Space of the Agora Cultural Center and urban space.

When will the work of the other 10 highlighted slideshowing entries be shown?
Projects that will be selected as highlighted will be shown in slideshow form during TIFF Biennal 2023 in accordance with the Biennal schedule.