About TIFF Biennale


Contemporary geopolitical, economic and environmental phenomena and sentiments, we feel as a community of a city, country, continent or planet, but they especially affect us as individuals. They affect our well-being, sense of security, relationships; directly and indirectly, the environment in which we find ourselves. Taking care of ourselves and experiencing pleasure have receded into the background, and layer upon layer of problems move us away from positivity. We have made an attempt to find a soothing factor in photography – a gesture that we can share, bringing solace. This gesture is to be art depicting allegorical goodness and beauty. Instead of reflecting on the hardships of existence in the modern world, let’s try this time to put emphasis on visual impressions that give encouragement and strength. Let’s look at images that can become a cure for everyday problems.


During the TIFF Photography Biennale 2023, we will invite viewers and spectators to reflect on the pleasure of the image understood as the delight of interacting with images. Through our activities, we want to draw attention to visual experiences being the moment when we can break away from reality and take a short breath. Based on previous studies of theoreticians and theorists of photography within the scope of this issue, we will present works of Polish and foreign artists alluding in content as well as in formula to the watchword.

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